2018-11-27 Corporate Information

"There is no rule, no rule." Rules are a ruler in our hearts. How to quantify ourselves?

The more the boss talks about the situation, the worse the execution! Good text!

The human condition and execution power in enterprise management are inversely proportional. That is to say, the more people talk about it, the worse the execution ability; the stronger the executive power, the less the business will be. When the execution meets the human condition, if the injury is implemented, no matter how good the strategy is, it will not work.

I have had the privilege of discussing the "human feelings" in Chinese companies with several famous entrepreneurs. They pointed out: "In fact, many companies in China have good strategies, but they lack implementation. Many good strategies are encountered because of "Human sentiment" can not be implemented" "The execution of enterprises depends on discipline" "Chinese enterprises must have good discipline in order to carry out strategic management of enterprises" ... It can be seen that enterprises must improve the whole through a scientific, perfect and standardized management system. Planning strategy, employees must standardize their behavior in accordance with the requirements of the system, to eliminate the "personal" phenomenon, in order to improve the execution of the enterprise. It can be seen from this that execution is discipline. Without discipline, there is no execution, no combat power, no discipline, and no good strategy can be implemented.

How do Lenovo, Huawei and Vanke view "human feelings"?

When Zhang Ruimin took over Haier, Haier was just a small electrical appliance factory that was about to close down. The employees were not motivated and the company suffered serious losses. However, Zhang Ruimin spent 20 years making a small factory that was on the verge of bankruptcy become a world famous brand. Once ranked among the top 500 in the world. How did he do that? What changed the Haier people? That is discipline. After Zhang Haimin accepted Haier, he promulgated the famous "Thirteen Articles", which even included the possibility of urinating in the workshop, so we can imagine the overall quality level of the Haier people. Zhang Ruimin emphasizes the discipline of employees is very important, especially in a group of companies assembled by many large companies, but also requires strict discipline to plan and implement actions. The current Haier discipline is very strong, few people will be late for work, and no one will be misbehaving in the company by relationship.

Haier is like this. Lenovo is like this. Huawei and Vanke are also like this. Is this just a coincidence? No, because their bosses are all military. If you are careful enough, you will find that there is such a strange phenomenon in the American business community: the greatest "business school" in the United States is not Harvard, not Stanford, but West Point. A group of business elites who have achieved outstanding performances have not received formal business education, but they all come from West Point Military Academy without exception. What is even more shocking is that among the top 500 global companies, more than 1,000 chairman, more than 2,000 vice-chairmen and more than 5,000 general managers graduated from West Point. For example, American online founder James Kimsey, American auto insurance company general manager Mike De Motte, and Eastern Airlines president Frank Boman, all graduated from West Point. Former West Point Military Academy President Dave Palmer once said: "Give me a person, as long as it is not schizophrenia, I can train him to become the world's greatest leader."

Strict system and execution are the guarantee of business success

Why can military people create so many miracles in the business world? What does the myth of business depend on? That is a strict system, iron discipline, and uncompromising execution. In the army, obeying the command and strictly implementing it is the duty of the military. No one can violate the orders of the superiors, even if they need to sacrifice their precious lives. In the army, whoever made a mistake must be dealt with by the military law. The human condition has to rely on the side station. Only execution is the last word.

If enterprises want to succeed, they must learn from the military. After the rules and regulations are formulated, the most important thing is to strictly enforce them. As the saying goes, "There is no rule without a square." The rules are a ruler in our hearts. If you break the rules, you will be punished as you should. The system in the enterprise is not a display. If a person is obsessed with self-defense, there will be countless eyes on it. If the manager forgives one's mistakes, it will make more people make the same mistakes, and the employees will be more difficult to manage and execute. Will fall.

As a manager of a company, it is necessary not only to adhere to the correct principles, but also to maintain the company's discipline, and to lead by example and strictly enforce it. No matter how much value you create for the company, no matter what you have contributed to the company, you can't be outside the company's rules and regulations.

How can enterprises escape the strange circle of "human feelings"

In a company, there are always some "stabbing" employees who are difficult to discipline. They are not only arrogant, they do not put others in the eye, they also despise the authority of the leadership and constantly challenge the bottom line of the company. The bad behavior of these people will not only lead to the decline of team work efficiency, but also cause others to follow suit, which will have a negative impact on the working environment of the entire team.

How to treat these people? First of all, you can't ignore it because of "human feelings" and let it develop. Then, according to different situations, the corresponding management measures are formulated. For those employees with backgrounds, they should keep a distance from them and look for the bright spots on them to praise them. If they make mistakes, they must not tolerate them. For those pets and arrogant employees, they must affirm the benefits they bring to the company and give them the benefits they deserve, but also explain to them the rules and regulations of the company. Everyone is equal before the system, and no one can override the rules and regulations of the enterprise.

The execution ability and system of the enterprise are mutual promotion. If the enterprise does not form a scientific, institutionalized and systematic management, there is still a phenomenon of “human feelings”, which will directly lead to poor execution of the enterprise, and the enterprise will fall into the elimination. Doom.

In the enterprise, when the execution meets the human condition, we must not “remember the situation”, but should require each executor with iron discipline and strict system, so that the enterprise can escape the strange circle of “human feelings”.