2019-11-06 Industry News

The product also needs to be packaged

Nearly twenty beautiful packaging pictures

There is always a reference worthy of your reference.

many kinds of

Basically, there are some

Tea box


Cosmetic case


In terms of design, simplicity is not simply stacked and placed at random, but rather emphasizes functionality in design, emphasizing the integrity of structure and form. It is only a foundation to integrate Chinese and Western cultures and learn from others. It is not the road to simplicity. From the avenue to the simple, we must integrate innovation, jump out of the original frame, go to the rough, grasp the key and fundamental, eliminate those ineffective, dispensable, non-essential things, and merge into new things.

Packing box


Something with texture will always be favored by most people in life, just as people will not reject all the existence of beauty without any reason, especially in the present society. It is precisely because the public is tirelessly eager for the texture, or the beauty of things. Therefore, the existence of full of texture and beauty has become a luxury, and the quatrain of “things are rare” has an unadorned sense of interest at this moment.